Soft Fleece Warm Cozy Cat Kitten Pet Blanket Mat – Pink


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3 colours, purple, beige and pink in a cute paw print design, soft and snuggly coral fleece Quality bound edges for better wear.

Now your furry friend can be spoiled and pampered while being kept comfy and happy all at the same time!

Does your kitty love to snuggle down in comfort?
Is he constantly pinching your favourite rug to curl up on?

Would you really love your furry friend to look and feel well loved and pampered?

Well, read on! We’ve got just what you’re looking for.

Most cats just love to laze around the house for hours on end and they are constantly shifting their sleeping spots. We find ours in a different position every other week.. it harks back to their natural instinctive behaviour in the wild, when it was important to have a safe warm hiding spot. So what do you do when he’s decided your best velour couch is the new spot to sleep? Provide him with an alternative of course!
Take a look at this comfy and warm pet blanket.. just the right size for your kitty to snuggle down in.
  • Fleece blankets are a great sleeping solution for all sorts of small pets. Easily moved around the house, they can be placed near a sunny window, or put in an out of the way spot so that your kitty feels comfortable to sleep there.
  • Great for convalescing cats, a blanket can be tucked into their cage providing them with a warm spot to sleep.
  • This gorgeous blanket features well bound edges which are strongly stitched for durability and strength. You won’t need to buy a new one for ages saving you money!
  • This blanket is 76cms x 104cms a great size to place in a carry cage or a convenient box. It will even suit small dogs and puppies.. so versatile.
  • It comes in 3 gorgeous colours (this is the pink one) all featuring a cute paw print design and is made from soft and comfy thick coral fleece. It feels so snuggly.and will look great as well. It won’t look out of place with your decor.
  • It is also easy to clean as it can be washed and hung out to dry. You’ll be happy knowing it is easy to keep fresh and sanitised.

Your cat deserves only the best so Hit that Buy button now. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

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