PetSafe Drinkwell Original Replacement Charcoal Filters 3 Pack


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Genuine Petsafe product Filters out odours and bad tastes in your kitty’s water 3 pack to save you money Fit’s the platinum fountain too

Now your furry friend can be spoiled and pampered while being kept safe and happy too!

Does your furry friend drink enough water?
Would you like to encourage them to drink more?
Is ensuring your kitty has clean fresh water important to you?

Well, read on! We’ve got just what you’re looking for.

 Cats are notorious for not drinking enough water. This is mainly due to their wild cat heritage and its ability to derive most of its moisture needs from its prey. The result for our furry friends is a tendency to not recognize when they are dehydrated and needing a good drink of water.

Not drinking enough water is bad for any animal be it two legged or four.. it can lead to renal problems, lack of energy and severe illness and eventually death if not treated quickly. So how do you encourage your kitty to drink more water?

The Drinkwell Original Water Fountain is a great solution and replacement filters are a must if you want them to have clean water all the time.

The benefits of changing your filter regularly are many, but here are just a few.

  • Clean free flowing water is highly attractive to cats and will encourage them to drink more. You’ll feel much happier knowing your kitty has access to fresh running water all day.
  • Easy to install, the replacement filters are easy to slide in and out. Definitely a time saver!
  • The filters will last between 2 and 4 weeks each and there are 3 in this pack. No rushing out to replace filters constantly.
  • The replaceable activated carbon filters removes bad tastes and odors and the extra oxygenation will also help encourage your kitty to drink. All pets love clean fresh water just like you do.. so this is a double bonus.
  • This product is highly recommended by vets and so you can be assured that it is a safe option for your cat or dog to use.
  • These filters also fit the platinum drinking fountains too.

Your cat deserves only the best so Hit that Buy button now. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

This item must go at parcel rates, so SAVE MONEY on postage and buy more than 1. I can fit 3 in a box for the same postage cost.

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