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Cute cat design that is easy to hold Helps deshed dead hair Great for a massage, promoting healthy skin and coat Easy to keep clean


Now your furry friend can be spoiled and pampered while being kept healthy and happy all at the same time!


Would you really love your furry friend to look well loved and pampered?

Is the health and wellbeing of your kitty important to you?


Well, read on! We’ve got just what you’re looking for.

At Kitty Kaperz we are very much cat addicted! We breed and show pedigree cats as well as having rescued many more. We’ve spent countless hours scouring pet stores and websites looking for the best products to buy for our furry family and now we can pass all those hours of research and experience on to you..we’ve done all the legwork
We stock all the items you’ll ever want to make your feline companion feel well loved, look amazing, be well protected and best of all you’ll do it without spending a fortune.

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This listing is for the Kong Zoom Groom for Cats, one of the many excellent Kong Pet Products.
Kong are well known for innovative pet products and the Zoom Groom is no exception.  Made from soft and flexible rubber, this grooming tool is ideal for a gentle massage or for working shampoo into a wet coat when bathing.  Just use a circular motion to massage or work the shampoo in.  it is suitable for all lengths of coat.  I have used this product on my thickest coated raggie and it works perfectly! (He loved it too, well so the loud purring told me)
It will act to loosen and remove dead hair from the coat and at the same time will provide healthy stimulation for the skin by promoting better circulation.  Your cat will be left with a softer shinier coat and will be much more relaxed and happy after a good Zoom Grooming.
The Zoom Groom has widely spaced bristles which are very easy to clear of hair and keep clean with just a quick rinse and flick dry.  It is lightweight and easy to hold too with its cute cat shape and soft flexible design.
How will using the Zoom Groom on your kitty help him and you?
  • Made in a cute cat shape that is easy to hold in your hand – makes bath time easier for you and you’ll have a less stressed kitty!
  • Soft and flexible rubber bristles – won’t harm or irritate your kitty’s skin, whilst giving a wonderful massage.. one relaxed kitty and one happy owner!
  • The bristles also stimulate better circulation giving your cat healthier skin meaning less itching and scratching from dead skin cells and hair.
  • Helps to deshed loose and dead hair which your cat would normally leave all over the house! Less housework for you and that’s gotta be a big plus.
  • Less loose hair means your cat won’t be ingesting as much when they groom.  Less likelihood of hairballs forming means you won’t be cleaning up those furry messes around the house as often
  • Easy to clean; saving you time cleaning up.

Your cat deserves only the best so Hit that Buy button now. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did. 

Why not buy more than one. This product will go at parcel rates and I can fit 2 in a box for the same postage so you’ll be saving heaps, 


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