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Save yourself time
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Now your cat loving friend can be spoiled and pampered while you save yourself time and money all at the same time!

 Is finding the perfect gift for your kitty loving friend doing your head in?

Have you tramped in and out of store after store and STILL not found anything suitable?

Well, read on! We’ve got just what you’re looking for.

At Kitty Kaperz we are very much cat addicted! We breed and show pedigree cats as well as having rescued many more. We’ve spent countless hours scouring pet stores and websites looking for the best products to buy for our furry family and now we can pass all those hours of research and experience on to you..we’ve done all the legwork!
We stock all the items you’ll ever want to make your feline companion feel well loved, look amazing, be well protected and best of all you’ll do it without spending a fortune.

Hi and welcome to our one stop shop for all things feline.

Just look at what we have on offer here
Our $20 Kitty Kaperz Gift Voucher!

We know just how difficult it can be sometimes to find the perfect present for that cat loving friend or family member. You walk in and out of pet shops, tramp up and down aisles.. it can all get a bit overwhelming can’t it.
Then there’s the worry that they might already have what you’ve bought them.. or even worse that the kitty might not like it.

Well why not save yourself time and frustration and buy one of our convenient gift vouchers!
We have them in different denominations and they can be redeemed at anytime within a twelve month period. So easy and quick for you.

Your special friend will really appreciate the chance to buy exactly what they want for their furry companion and it can be redeemed on the total amount of their order.. that includes the postage!

  • These vouchers are great as gifts for friends who’ve acquired a new furry family member.
  • For those having a new furbaby shower
  • Registered breeders will love to put these in their kitten packs.
  • Why not include one in a favourite friends’ Christmas stocking or birthday present.
  • They are also great to donate to your favourite kitty charity. Nicely anonymous if you don’t want to be detected in your gift giving.

We will even create customised vouchers if you want a different amount to those we have on offer here. Just contact us and ask!

Your kitty friend deserves only the best so Hit that Buy button now. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

 Please note, it is important that your email address is correctly entered as the link to your voucher will be emailed to you after checkout.

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