Kitty Holster Cat Harness – Blue Demin – XS


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Soft comfortable materials wide velcro fastenings for comfort Fully machine washable Three sizes and 6 patterns


Now your furry friend can be spoiled and pampered while being kept safe and happy too!


Do you believe that keeping your cat indoors where it is safe is the best option but he constantly wants to go outside to explore?

 Is the house in chaos because His Royal Highness is bored and looking for mischief?

Would you really love your furry friend to feel well loved and pampered?

 Sometimes keeping your four footed friend from climbing the walls can seem like a battle of wills can’t it… but we’ve got the answer, so read on!
Introducing your cat’s ticket to freedom! Well the outdoors at any rate.  With you on the end of a leash and him in his Kitty Holster, he’ll be able to go exploring and stay safe and sound too.
The Kitty Holster is the ultimate in comfortable outdoor attire for the smart puss around town.  It is made from soft material which is comfortable to wear and won’t chafe your cat’s sensitive skin.  
The unique design means that puss is held safely and securely both around the neck and tummy whilst still allowing freedom of movement as he walks or climbs.  it is fully adjustable via the velcro fastenings on each strap and there are sizes to fit most kittys. 
The central D ring allows you to attach your leash for best control of your cat just in case he tries to slip out of the harness.  The wide straps make this a lot more difficult to do.. but it is better to be safe than watch your kitty scarpering up the nearest tree.
 Does your cat like to roll? Then simply throw the kitty holster in the wash and it’s ready to go for the next outdoor adventure.
What you’ll get when you buy one of these life changing Kitty Holster walking harnesses.
  • A genuine Kitty Holster (not a rip off or copy) with its unique design for peace of mind. .  Measurements should be a snug fit, so please measure carefully.
  • A comfortable lightweight, non chafing harness that will fit most cats.  Your kitty will be happy to wear this harness once they are used to it.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your cat is having some outdoor exercise and mental stimulation in the fresh air whilst remaining under control and safe.
  • No more bored kitty trying to escape the house everytime the door is opened.. you won’t be doing the fast foot shuffle whilst trying to juggle the groceries and keep him at bay.
  • A range of fashionable designs to suit any colouring or type of fur. This is the Blue Denim  version in the size of XS, but you can also choose from black, red bandana, purple, grey, green or tiger stripe.
  • A fully machine washable product for easy care and maintenance.. saving you time.
  • A bonus dvd showing you how to fit the harness and how to teach your cat to walk in it. This will take the guesswork out of trying to work out what to do. Less time training, more time outside enjoying!
Here is our big boy Cinna enjoying the outdoors in his kitty holster.  Cinna is over 6kg and is wearing a size S/M kitty holster. Note the snug fit.


Kitty Holster Sizing Chart so you order the right holster

Size Neck Girth
XS (12cm – 20cm) (25cm – 35cm)
S/M (23cm – 30cm) (33cm – 43cm)
M/L (25cm – 33cm) (40cm – 50cm)


 Your cat deserves only the best so Hit that Buy button now. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did. 

At these prices, you’ll be saving heaps, so why not buy more than one.. you could almost have one for every day of the week!

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