Troy Deworming Worm Treatment Syrup for Puppies and Kittens 50ml


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Easy to use formulation Very palatable product that puppies and kittens will be happy to take Kills roundworms in both puppies and kittens from 6 weeks

Now your furry friend can be spoiled and pampered while being kept healthy and happy too!

Does worming your kitten or puppy become a major ordeal for both of you?

Have you tried and tried but still that tablet just won’t go down?

Would you really love your furry friend to look well loved and pampered?

Well, read on! We’ve got just what you’re looking for.

Worming is one of the most important parts of your kitty’s health program and should be done on a regular basis whether you see worms or not. This is especially true during our Australian summers when worms are at their most rampant.
Worms can spread to all members of the family from just one infestation so it is best to treat everyone at once.
However, worming can be a bit of an ordeal, especially if your cat hates taking tablets! The biting, scratching and general upset can prove to be traumatic, so why not try a different type of solution.
Troy worming syrup covers round worms only, the most common form of worms in young animals
It is in a syrup form which is easily administered in behind the back teeth via a dropper.. no more bitten fingers, now that’s gotta be a big plus right there!
It can also be mixed into your cats food or applied to the fur on a front leg to help disguise it and this may be a good alternative if your cat really doesn’t take to things in the mouth at all. A godsend for those with difficult kittys.
Troy wormer is to be given fortnightly from 6 weeks of age till 12 weeks and then 3 monthly, thus making it economical to buy, saving you money.
The handy dropper make it easy for you to measure out the right dose, no worries about overdosing.
The syrup is meat flavoured and your kitty or pup will find it very tasty.. no problems with administering this worming treatment!

Your cat deserves only the best so Hit that Buy button now. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

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