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Easy to use! Safe for kittens and puppies You’ll get a wonderful shiny soft coat everytime

Now your furry friend can be spoiled and pampered while being kept well groomed and happy too!

Does your furry friend’s coat look a bit on the dry side?

Have you tried lots of different products but just can’t find the right one to get that coat shining and soft?

Would you really love your furry friend to look well loved and pampered?

Well, read on! We’ve got just what you’re looking for.

 This is one of the best conditioning products on the market, Groomer’s Goop Glossy Coat Liquid Conditioner!

This product is the professional groomers go to product for producing gorgeous glossy coats on both cats and dogs. It is used by breeders and those who show their animals to provide an excelIent quality grooming job. Goop Glossy Coat Conditioner is great for both short and long haired pets, leaving coats soft, shiny and looking amazing. It is kitten and puppy safe and has no harmful chemicals.

So why use Groomer’s Goop Conditioner?
  • It is easy to use! Just work into a thoroughly wet coat after shampooing, paying particular attention to tangled areas. Leave for a few minutes to work and then rinse out. Towel dry and comb for a great result
  • Safe for cats and kittens as well as other pets, no harmful chemicals to worry about, giving you peace of mind.
  • Acts to detangle and moisturise all at once replacing a number of extra washes and product purchases. that’s gotta save you a heap of money and time.
  • Great show ring quality results: no separation in coat on longer haired cats and dogs means you’ll know that your kitty will look their very best on the bench.
  • A lusterous shiny coat that feels soft and clean to the touch and smells great too.. hugging your pet just became even more of a pleasure!
  • Convenient sizing! This bottle is excellent for those with just one pet to bath. very economical for you.
  • No spill cap for easy pouring.. less mess means less clean up time for you

Your cat deserves only the best so Hit that Buy button now. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

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