Kittens at a door

Top Tips for Keeping Your Indoor Kitty Amused

Is your indoor kitty bored bored bored? then here are some ways to keep him amused that won”t break the bank.

Keeping a jump ahead of the Spring nasties

Spring has sprung and all of the warmer weather nasties are coming out to find their next meal. Make sure it isn”t your kitty!

Rough Play: How To Teach Your Kitten To Play Nicely

Kittens, they’re cute, cuddly and oh so playful! We often think its cute when they play bite and scratch but it can become a very painful experience for us and our family… So how do we teach a kitten to play nicely?

Do you speak cat? How to read your cat’s every word.

Learning to “read” and “speak” cat can reveal some interesting and amazing things about them.. not to mention help you to live more harmoniously with them.

cat in a sink

Keeping your kitty cool this summer

tips to keep your kitty cool over summer when you don’t have air con. Signs of heatstroke, be aware What to do if your kitty is heat affected.

How to choose the right cat collar for your kitty.

Some go for the bling, others for the practical, but what types of collars are the best and safest for your kitty?