Scratch Posts.. What to buy and how to get your kitty to use one.

So you've just gotten a new addition to the family, and you're off to buy them a few toys and a new scratchy post.  You walk into a pet shop filled with purpose and with all intentions of coming out with something your kitty will love... and that's when you stop.  There are so many scratchy posts to choose from!  What one is best?  How [...]

Top Tips for Keeping Your Indoor Kitty Amused

So you’ve made the decision to keep your precious puss cat indoors on a permanent basis. Well good for you! There are too many lost and injured cats each year and too many heartbroken families. The risks to your cat’s life are becoming greater every year, what with increased traffic on the roads, roaming dogs and more and more people living in closer proximity to [...]

Keeping a jump ahead of the Spring nasties

Well it looks like winter is over for another year.  Days are getting longer and warmer, flowers are blooming and right under our noses, all the little creepy crawlies are making their appearance.  Personally, I love Spring!  It''s my most favourite time of year, but it''s a time that we can all too easily forget our normal routine of flea, tick and worm prevention.  Many [...]

Rough Play: How To Teach Your Kitten To Play Nicely

"We just love her, but oooh those teeth and claws are sharp!"  I'm sure if you've ever owned (or been owned) by a kitten, then you've uttered those words quite a few times. Kitten scratches and bites can be quite painful and that's for us as adults, so for a child, it's worse. So what should you do with that unruly bundle of fluff when [...]

Do you speak cat? How to read your cat’s every word.

Having watched my feline companions over many years now, I've come to realize one thing.  Cats are complex creatures who have a language all their own, and although they cannot "talk" in human terms, they can express themselves in many complex ways without needing to talk. The Kamikaze Starfish Kittens are a wonderful study in cat language.  As a cat breeder, I've spent countless hours [...]

How to choose the right cat collar for your kitty.

Many people love to buy their furry friend a present and one of the first things they’ll think of getting them is a collar. It’s a way of showing ownership, a form of decoration and an expression of the persons’ individuality. There is also a more practical reason that many buy collars.. especially if their cat goes outdoors, and that is to allow the provision [...]