Aristopet No Scratch Cat Repellent Deterrent Spray for Furniture Carpet 125ml


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No Scratch deters cats from scratching with it’s smell which cats don’t like but is pleasant to human noses. Spraying regularly as part of a retraining program, this product really works.

Now your furniture can be kept safe and scratch free too!

Is your furniture looking a bit ragged around the edges?

Has your new couch become kitty’s latest fave scratching post?
Would you really love your cat to use their proper scratching post instead?
Well, read on! We’ve got just what you’re looking for.

Let’s face it, if you own a cat (or two) you’ll be very familiar with the sheer frustration of having a kitty that uses your furntiure to sharpen its claws. You start with a beautiful new couch and once they’ve discovered it, it quickly deteriorates as they work their way up the arms and across the back, clawing and kneading all the way.

Of course you’ve tried just about everything to get them to stop… There’s the tape method, the alfoil method and the squirty water bottle method, but they all fail once you’ve left the room.

What makes it worse is that all the time they have a beautiful new scratching pole sitting right there.. not a claw mark in sight! Right??

Why not give this product a go.. we’ve found it really works!

Getting your kitty to use the scratch pole rather than your good couch is a two step process and this is what you need to do.

Step 1
You must stop them from using the furniture and this is where Aristopet No Scratch Spray comes into it’s own.

Made with essential oils that are offensive to a cat’s sensitive nose, this spray will deter them from coming near any area that it is sprayed on. A quick and easy application for you that takes very little time.

Although offensive to cats, it is a pleasant smell for humans, so you will be happy to use this spray anywhere in your home that you want your cat to stay away from. Now that’s a bonus.

Just repeat the spray every 12 to 24 hours until you have broken the habit. This may take as little as a few times!

it comes in a very handy spray pack which is easy to hold and use.. especially great for corner areas and tight spots! it’s a 125ml bottle and that means you’ll get plenty of applications. Economical to use

Step 2
Give them somewhere better to scratch! Namely their scratch post!
Whilst you are applying the spray to deter them .. make their scratching post absolutely irresistible by adding catnip spray, or their favourite treats to this area. We stock catnip drops and leaves in our store.. so grab some when you get this product and combine the postage.

I’ve even found that a demonstration of what they are supposed to do can help. So put your cat on the post and then pretend to scratch it yourself.. yes.. I know it sounds crazy but it does work.

Persistence pays off, so be consistant and use the Aristopet Spray and you’ll soon have a happily scratching cat.. and furniture that’ll be heaving a sigh of relief!

Need some extra help? We’ll be including our FREE hints and tips guide with every purchase.

Your furniture deserves only the best so Hit that Buy button now. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did.


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