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Easy to administer Great for stressful situations Excellent tonic for all animals Promotes great gut function

Now your furry friend can be spoiled and pampered while being kept healthy and happy too!

Is your kitty feeling a little run down?

Do you want to ensure that your kitty is getting all the nutrients in his food?

Would you really love your furry friend to look well loved and pampered?

Well, read on! We’ve got just what you’re looking for.

Anitone.. a special formulation that is sure to help your kitty’s health and wellbeing.

Sometimes regardless of how careful we are with our kitty’s diet things can get a little out of balance. The result is often an upset tummy and diarrhea, or lethargy. Obviously the first thing you need to do if it persists for any longer than a day, or is chronic, is to consult your vet, but once kitty is back on the mend, using Anitone can help enormously.

There can be many causes for kitties to feel less than fantastic:- a change in diet, antibiotics, eating something that disagrees (bugs etc) or maybe a viral or bacterial infection. All of these causes can upset the natural enzymes and bacteria that the stomach and gut produces to process food and that is where Anitone comes into its own.

Anitone is an extremely advanced multi nutrient formulation that when added to your kitty’s food will help in a number of ways.

  • It will aid in the generation of good bacteria in the gut of sick and convalescing animals by providing some of them directly in liquid form. Your kitty will be on the road to recovery very quickly giving you peace of mind.
  • Anitone is great for helping your kitty digest the food you give and will aid in the extraction and absorption of nutrients. That means a much healthier and happier kitty and a much happier you too.
  • The general health of your cat will be improved by boosting immunity to infection and helping to fight it if an infection occurs. That’s got to make your visits to the vet less frequent.
  • For weaning kittens, Anitone is great for introducing and promoting the growth of good gut microflora. This will help your baby absorb food more readily and will promote their general health and wellbeing. As a breeder, I know just how important it is for these little ones to transition to solid food well and that’s got to make you feel more relax2ed about this phase of your baby’s development too.
  • From a practical standpoint, Anitone is very easy to administer. just mix into your kitty’s food daily.. they don’t mind the taste so will eat as normal. You won’t be throwing food out, struggling to administer tablets or trying to find sneaky ways of adding this to their diet.
  • Added to food on a regular basis, Anitone will enhance your pet’s coat adding lustre and shine, great if you’re into showing your animal.
  • It can also help in reducing stress when you transport or show your animals by making available nutrients that are in high demand during these times. You can be assured your pet is getting all they need to cope.
  • Anitone doesn’t need refrigeration and can be stored anywhere as long as it is below 30 degrees. No more wondering if your probiotic has gone “off”

Your cat deserves only the best so Hit that Buy button now. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did.


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