4 way lockable Cat Door

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4 way locking mechanism durable clear plastic flap for good visibility sturdy construction anti draught barrier available in coffee or white Free training video.


Now your furry friend can enjoy his freedom while being kept safe and happy all at the same time!


Is your cat constantly demanding to be let in and out?

Would you really love your furry friend to be safe but still have some freedom outside?


Well, read on! We’ve got just what you’re looking for.

At Kitty Kaperz we are very much cat addicted! We breed and show pedigree cats as well as having rescued many more. We’ve spent countless hours scouring pet stores and websites looking for the best products to buy for our furry family and now we can pass all those hours of research and experience on to you..we’ve done all the legwork
We stock all the items you’ll ever want to make your feline companion feel well loved, look amazing, be well protected and best of all you’ll do it without spending a fortune.

Hi and welcome to our one stop shop for all things feline.

Just look at what we have on offer here
This listing is for a wall or door mounted cat or dog door.. the ideal solution for the cat that likes to come and go as he pleases.
Many smart pet owners now have outdoor cat enclosures for their cats to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine in during the day.  Enclosures that are often linked to the home. 
However, having to take Fluffy in and out all the time to enjoy it can be a bit of a hassle.. especially if you need to go out for awhile, or it starts to rain whilst he’s out there.
So why not fit a 4 way locking cat door, so that he can come and go by himself.  You just set the lock position to allow either free flow in either direction, locking for in only, or out only or full lock when you don’t want him out there at all. 
Made from durable plastic surrounds and with a clear flap for easy viewing, this cat door is easily installed on any partition wall or door with a depth up to 5cms.  An anti draft brush edge is fixed to the edge of the flap so that you wont have the wind sneaking in on those cold winter days making it ideal for positions that might catch the breeze.
It comes with installation instructions on the box and a free how to video on training your cat to use the cat door. You can’t go wrong and your puss will be enjoying his outdoor enclosure in no time at all.
What is in the box?
  • Your cats ticket to fun in the sun.. you’ll be happy knowing he’s enjoying some outdoor R&R
  • 4 way locking mechanism – so you can choose what happens without having to jump up and open the door all the time..much more relaxing for you.
  • durable clear flap – so your cat can see what’s happening before he enters or exits… no more frightened kitty.
  • an anti draught barrier surround so you aren’t letting all the cold air in when the door is not in use… much better on the power bill.
  • In two colours; white or coffee brown.. This will blend with most colour schemes meaning it shouldn’t detract from your decor.
  • Easy installation means a quick and easy job that just about anyone could do… saving you money on hiring a handyman to fit it.
  • Free video to show you how to teach your cat to use the door, takes the guesswork out of training (and the frustration out of you)


Outer door measurement:- 22.5cm x 20cms

Cut out size :- 15cms x 15.5cms

This door will allow up to a 7kg cat or dog to exit comfortably.


Your cat deserves only the best so Hit that Buy button now. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did. 

Buyers please note that some of the outer packaging for this item has creasing and wear. This doesn’t affect the contents in any way.  I have discounted the price of this item accordingly.



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